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About Us.

Why our Clients love to work with us.

Who We Are?

CathodeSoft is formed by a group of young and dynamic professionals with rich experience in the IT industry and each with unique specializations. There are tremendous opportunities for providing IT solutions innovatively, more efficiently and cost effectively. It is with this specific opportunity and motivation, that CathodeSoft was formed. CathodeSoft has been delivering these benefits to the customers successfully for many years now.

The company’s main business was web design and web development. We had been providing complete lifecycle services for creating quality web resources; from the initial consultation to project realization and its on-going maintenance.

Following our expansion into international markets, CathodeSoft diversified its business interests. The company has shifted its focus to such activities as web application and contract software development. Another part of the reorganization was inviting specialists with in-depth knowledge and understanding of market analysis to join CathodeSoft family.

CathodeSoft is formed with the aim to serve Small and Medium enterprises (SMEs); especially small companies who do not have the flexibility to maintain a dedicated team. With this idea, our services and process framework is institutionalized to build specialized and dedicated teams keeping the costs low and meeting demands for high quality and predictable outcomes.

The company developed more than 100 projects in the area of web integration, web design and software development. CathodeSoft’s clients are mainly small and medium sized enterprises (SME’s). Extensive experience accumulated by CathodeSoft in the area of web technology now allows us to provide our customers with a diverse range of services, utilizing these technologies for more effective business administration.

Our company also moved to a new sphere of standalone products online sales. We offer functional, attractive and traffic making solutions for different business fields.

CathodeSoft has specific boutique of services to the challenging and growing needs of SMEs who need to scale but at a budgeted cost. CathodeSoft understands these aspirations of the SMEs and has tailor made services to meet these needs that are generally affordable by large companies. Our goal is to serve the largest number of satisfied clients.

CathodeSoft provides simplistic software services to SMEs.
Be a Global Service provider
Design and deliver technologically challenging solutions
Offer cost effective solutions to the customer

Cathode Soft provides solutions for a dynamic environment where business and technology strategies converge. As a technology solutions and services provider, our mission is threefold:

  • Be a Global Service provider
  • Design and deliver technologically challenging solutions
  • Offer cost effective solutions to the customer

Our approach focuses on processes automation within and outside organization’s that brings higher degree of efficiency and smooth flow of information.

CathodeSoft has been successful in transforming idea into reality and carving a niche in the global markets offering IT solutions. Analyzing our technical strengths, our focus is to consistently deliver solutions that maximize value for our customers. Supported by our strong Development Methodology we provide cost and time benefits to our customers.

The vibrant and highly skilled workforce, and years of industry experience give CathodeSoft an edge over its competitors.

Our Mission

  • Be a Global Service provider
  • Design and deliver technologically challenging solutions
  • Offer cost effective solutions to the customer

Meet the Team

Like all CathodeSoft employees, CathodeSoft’s leadership team is on a mission: help people see and understand their data. They have the ingredients to deliver on that mission. They are passionate. They have the experience. They’re dedicated to making CathodeSoft a great place to work. They’re supported by an engaged and helpful Board of Directors. And they love working with customers.

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